Australian Embassy
Embassy address: Dampfaergevej 26, 2nd Floor, Copenhagen Ø - Telephone: 7026 3676 - Fax: 7026 3686

Papua New Guines (PNG) visa issue The Australian governmens assists in the issuance of visas to citizens of countries where Papua New Guinea does not have representation. Neither Denmark, Norway or Iceland has a Papua New Guinean representation, so visas can be issued at the Australian Embassy in Copenhagen.

Please read the website for the PNG Department of Immigration and CItizenship to learn more about the various visas and download the relevant visa application form.


The Australian Embassy in Copenhagen cannot charge for the visa upon issue, but you will have to pay the visa fee upon entry to Papua New Guines. You may submit the application, along with the requirement documents and your valid passport, by post (we recommend using registered post or a courier service), but if you are not able to come and collect your passport at the Embassy, we will have to collect a postage fee of DKK 90,00 to cover the registered postage costs. Please contact the Embassy by email for more information.